Sometimes a CF 520 error

I wish I could - I am on the free plan and not entitled to opening tickets.
I am ready and willing to do any tests and to provide any additional information you might need right here or via e-mail (I hope you can access it via my user profile).

@marassa, If you email [email protected] from the email on your account, you will get an autoresponse with a ticket number. Although it says you don’t get support, post that ticket # here and we should be able to get it re-opened because if the nature of the issue. Or if you so it soon @Chris_M will probably still be around.


Thank you @domjh , really appreciate it. The number is 2227658.


Ticket: 2227690


I have these errors too.
Ticket #2227743

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We have detected an issue affecting a small percentage of free account zones and are awaiting a fix to be released soon. The issue appears to have began around July 28th and shows a steady rate of 520 errors starting on that date continuing to now.

We have posted a status page at Cloudflare Status - Elevated 520 errors on Free Zones


Hi there. I can confirm that we are facing the same issue for the last two weeks. We have checked everything based on the CF suggestions with our hosting company; But no luck. We are on a free CF subscription. I am happy to see CF is aware of the issue.

We are using Directadmin + Nginx. The error shows even on a website with 0 visitors and nearly no load.

I, too, have received Cloudflare 520 errors for the last number of weeks and it is still occurring as of today. No issues are being logged or reported on my hosted VPS server. I did capture a Wireshark trace from the network and a HAR trace from the browser when two different 520 errors occurred, but neither trace shows anything suspicious that I can see. I’m not surprised as these traces don’t really show what is happening between Cloudflare and my server. Rather, they show what is happening between my browser client and the network. I wonder if a traceroute would show more detail?

Chris_M, I look forward to your fix being released soon.

Awesome to hear you guys found it! Thank you for your support!

Hi. I have the same problem since I enabled CF. Ticket # 2227760

Ticket #2227054

Same issue here, was doing numerous tests since most 520 searches say “it’s server side”

Good to hear that it’s not because I could not find ANYTHING and had the issue across two separate servers and multiple sites.

I wanted to make a HAR dump today, but I noticed that the error no longer returns.
Would the annoying 520 error finally be solved? :smiley:

The status page does report this as resolved, yes

I’m glad to hear you’re no longer having issues.

If anyone is still getting a 520, it is unlikely to be related and may be a server-side issue. You might want to check Community Tip - Fixing Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error and open a new topic if you are still having issues.


Thank you. I’m just interested: Is there also known what exactly went wrong at CloudFlare? :wink:

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Yup, seems to be fixed.

My testing the other day which almost consistently would get it to 520 has gotten zero 520s across various sites I retested.

Taking a quick look, I still got a 520 error (1), but apparently it’s gone down a lot.

Here the error continues :slightly_frowning_face:

It didn’t return the error 520 anymore!

Error 520 still occurs, but much less frequently than before.