Something wrong is going on with cf dashboard ui

I cant find out how to do simple stuff in the dashboard

  1. how to renewal my domain
  2. how to change my worker code

clicking on domains button take me to a page telling me which domains are on cloudflare and thats it… nothing else, to renew or see your expire date you should actually not click on the domains button but go to one of your domains, click on overview tab scroll down and look for Manage domain button

clicking on workers button take me to choosing my workers domain and routes thats it… nothing else to change my working worker code I still didnt found out how… lol probably I will in a few minutes

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Yesterday, there was a similar issue reported - Domain transfer doesn't work - though the OP did not really exactly describe the exact problem. Maybe related :slight_smile:

If that is more than a temporary glitch, I’d say thats an ideal case for a support ticket :sunglasses:

I am talking about ui here, everything is working but the buttons doesn’t do what a normal user will think they should do…

I believe everyone will expect to see an option renew your domain by clicking on the “domains” button

and everyone will expect to be able to change your worker code by clicking on the “workers” button which both is not the case…

there is another smaller ui problems that I cant remember right now

Alright, are you referring to a UI glitch or possible UX improvements. I understood it was the former.

Hi @boynet2,

That’s exactly what I reported to @cloonan yesterday:

Hope the Dashboard team listen to us! :crossed_fingers: