Something up with the Worker API?

I’ve not been able to properly upload workers via API for about half an hour, they don’t update.

And now the CF Administrative interface don’t load the workers editor either.

Now my CDN stopped working as well, due to scripts not working…
I didn’t even expect them to be intertwined when i’ve disabled that route for workers.

It looks momentary. Comes and goes. I got too many requests warning.

Try using Terraform for your workers:

While I agree that Terraform is awesome, how does this help in this case?

Also, Terraform doesn’t help with debugging, which is the only reason i use the Dashboard…

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Terraform helps you “upload workers” so that your site is not down.
For general debugging you can use, if you don’t have any sensitive data:

But Terraform also uses the API upload, just as I’m doing now.

I am using Terraform and it is working.

The status page showed some issues, seems to be resolved.

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