Something about access control for free plan users

For Workes & Pages, what is the name of the domain?


What is the issue or error you’re encountering

Let me ask you something about access control. We would like to be able to call Cloudflare API only from specific IPs in order to reduce security risk.I understand that enterprise users can restrict access, but it is my understanding that such restrictions are not possible for free plan users, isn’t it?

Using API tokens instead of the global API key allows you to limit token use to specific IP addresses…


Thank you for your answer.
Lastly, in case of using Public Gateway: , is it correct to say that such restriction is not possible?

This is not a thing anymore.


Thank you for your response.

ok, I understand that your public gateway endpoints are not available anymore, right?
We have, just in case, tried to connect that public gateway endpoints, then figured out it redirect to new one.
Based on this, Let me ask adiitonal points.

  1. When can we keep to redirect to new endpoints till? which means when do we have to complete the migration by?
  2. Using your new Web3 gateways is free as same as that public gateway, isn’t it?
  3. Are we able to control gateway access using IP addresses for the new Web3 gateways?

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Not mine, I don’t work for Cloudflare.

It redirects to ones provided by a third party, which Cloudflare has no control over.

There are also new Cloudflare gateways, which can be private.

They don’t make this clear:

Nope, the new Cloudflare gateways cost money past usage caps:

You sure can.

Since it’s just a domain on your zone, use WAF Custom Rules or Access policies.

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