Someone used my email to make an account; anything I should check to ensure security?

I noticed an email in my spam folder from from a few days ago asking for me to confirm my email address, however I did not create an account using that email address. The IP address in the audit log showed it as being from somewhere in Mexico, so it definitely wasn’t something I did unknowingly.

Cloudflare is a tool I would probably use in the future, so I went ahead and reset the password, rotated the Global API key and Origin CA key, and set up 2FA. The audit log only shows four events from the day the account was created: Signup, API Key created, API Key view, and Rotate API key (in that order). Finally, my session is the only session listed in the active devices and sessions list.

I glanced over the dashboard and:

  • There are no websites on my account
  • I am the only member
  • There is no billing info, billable usage, or subscriptions
  • I see no custom pages or lists
  • No notifications
  • No registrar activity

So my question is: Is there anything else less obvious I should check to ensure my account is secure and isn’t being used maliciously? Is there anything outside of the main dashboard and my account profile that I should check to ensure there isn’t any weird or configurations set? Is there anything else I should pay attention to in terms of reasons someone may have used my email for creating an account?

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