Someone trying to hack my site with a Cloudflare IP?

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first time posting, hello :slight_smile:

The reason for my post is I starting getting alerts from Wordpress lately that multiple IPs are trying to hack my site. I have a plugin installed called “Limit Login Attempts,” it blocks access when someone is trying to get into my site with multiple failed attempts. One of the IPs I am seeing in the alerts is When I look into this IP using geo locate tools it tells me it’s a CloudFlare IP out of San Francisco.

This is one IP that constantly is trying to login to my wordpress with “admin.” I am using a cloud flare SSL certificate on my site. I don’t believe Cloudflare would be doing this nor does it have any connection with the SSL cert. I think someone is trying to get into my site (likely just a bot or script kiddy etc ) and using Cloud Flare as a disguise / Proxy or etc. Am I right ? Should I just ban this IP?

Also I see as well, when I check I see the whole /24 block ( - . 255) looks like it is all CloudFlare.

Also seeing , Also a CloudFlare IP , but this one in London.
Google search - first result shows a website that this IP has been reported for trying to brute force websites 4 times since Dec 2020 . This is exactly what I’m seeing for a while now - someone trying to brute force me from this IP

Actually, you are the one using Cloudflare as a proxy. That’s what it says in your DNS settings page.

And your server is not properly configured for Cloudflare.


After looking at the link you posted I think what you’re saying is the IP I’m seeing is Cloud Flare because traffic is being filtered through ClouD flare, but the IP is not actually Cloud Flare. I should go through the article you’ve posted to set it up properly so I would see the actual IPs trying to brute force me … what I’m seeing is not the original IP

Is that correct?

Sorry - one more q. I read the article. I am with Go Daddy and I have wordpress sites on Cpanel. I don’t think I can add this code to my “web server,” I just have shared hosting. Any thoughts? Should I stop using Cloud Flare ?

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