Someone trawling site images

Got a user who was directly accessing our product images ignoring the pages so put a redirect in place to block that and now it looks like they are back doing same thing but also passing the page as the referrer so gets through this check

How can I differentiate between a legit user who has loaded the page and one who is just loading an image and passing the page as the referrer?
Only thing I can see so far is that they wont have loaded the page so the .js & .css wont have been accessed but havent come up with a way to check this yet so have probably missed something…

Thanks but its not a site harvesting images, it appears to be an end user harvesting them.

Daft thing is that they are all clearly and openly watermarked so I cant work out what legitimate use they could be to them

You can try and enable Hotlink Protection, but it is relatively easy to get around.

Are the images cached, or are the requests hitting your origin?

I had enabled hotlink protection and it looks like they were working their way around the site downloading product images - or were until I blocked their ASN
Images are cached but logs showing page was cache hit & images not cached - I’ve been making a good few changes recently and clearing the cache
What I want to do is some sort of “set a flag is user has viewed page & loaded .js & .css rather than just using page as referrer, if flag set they can have access, if not set then have a 403”
Cant see that the product images are of any use to them but still want to prevent whats going on

Just been checking our other sites and the same IP was up to the same tricks there
Also just spotted that they have changed to trying to use Digital Ocean, probably via VPN, which is great as DO are perm blocked as well

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