Someone redirecting his domain to my home page



my website is [], another website which is not own by me also redirecting to my home page. I have checked the DNS records of cagurt . com/ pointing to cloudflare.

Therefore it is requested to please remove this redirect to my websites. I am getting different warning from Google webmaster.


Someone is impersonating me with CloudFlare..?!

I see that it’s just responding directly with your content, without a redirect.

What’s likely happening is your host is misconfigured. The best place to start is by contacting your host support to see if this is the case.

You can also pursue having Cloudflare track down the issue by submitting an abuse report:


I Contacted my host and following is the reply:

it seems that some one has pointed the domain cagurt. com to your site and the domain is behind Cloudflare you will have to fill a complain with Cloudflare and ask them to remove this dns point


I just submitted Abuse report at given URL. Any idea how long it will take for resolution???


The abuse team typically replies very quickly depending on how many requests they’re receiving.

There still is an issue with your host though - I can CURL the IP address (no host header) and still get your website

$ curl -k
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Shop - Skin Care Shop</title>

The host/your website should be set up to only respond to certain HOST header values to prevent someone from pointing DNS to your IP and being able to effectively copy your website.

This is possible even if the domain is not being Cloudflare - see (bypass security warning). It is a direct CNAME to your domain (no Cloudflare proxy) and your web server is responding to it.

You should talk to your host about fixing this HOST header issue.


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