Someone is mirroring our entire website

I just found the oddest thing: the domain appears to be a complete mirror/proxy of our website (

The domain was registered via Namecheap and has full privacy lock on it - can’t seem to find anything about the owner.

Did a reverse lookup and the A record appears to be pointed at a host called Choopa, LLC.

So, two questions:

  1. Why would anyone do this? (going with “it can’t be for a good reason”)
  2. How can I block them (and others) from doing the same?

Thanks in advance, Jay

You wouldn’t happen to be hosted at Vultr, would you?

No, we use WPEngine for hosting.

That other site isn’t using Cloudflare, and I don’t see a connection between WPEngine and Vultr. But I suggest two approaches:

  1. Contact WPEngine and see if they can figure out how that site is getting your content.
  2. Contact Vultr’s abuse department:

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