Someone is changing my dns settings

Someone has changed my dns setings to happend twice already the first time about a month ago,and j delete the record that he put and j set strong password …the second time today .Here is what recored he added to my domain …Can you help me j think my cloudflare account is maybe hacked …

This is from Audit Log from today

Date: 2022-01-14T14:37:04+01:00
User IP Address:
Resource: DNS record

“Content”: “”,
“Id”: “b97010b52bb918d8e765fa4ceda2ddc2”,
“Name”: “”,
“Proxied”: true,
“Ttl”: 1,
“Type”: “CNAME”,
“Zone id”: “683d328cf2f6aef18f299b0b101ef5dd”,
“Zone name”: “”

Have you ever used Ezoic?


Oh tnx man j forgot that j apply for Ezoic about a month ago but j was denied for working with ezoic due not enough traffic on my website and j connected cloudflare to Ezoic account, j removed cloudflare for ezoic and all dns record … Tnx again problem for the help

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