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We closed a branch of our business 2 years ago and removed all trace of website etc from online. We started getting calls recently again regarding that business and wondered why. We subsequently found out that the website has appeared again online, though weirdly it is a very early iteration of the website and certainly not the version at the time we pulled everything offline. Needless to say we want the website permenantly offline and have subsequently contacted our web developers who built and originally hosted the site. They have informed us that its not them hosting this newly reemerged site and were able to show us that the name servers are cloudflare. I have tried ringing both UK sales and the UK threat and attack line. No one ever answers! I have since then filled out the Abuse form almost a month ago now and have received no response and the website in question still exists.

Can someone please tell me how I am able to speak with someone at cloudflare to get this website removed!?

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Yes, although I expect you won’t like it.

You cannot speak to anyone at Cloudflare about it.

If the site is proxied through Cloudflare and is serving content that is owned by your firm, you can submit a report using the Abuse form, as you already have done. That is it.

Cloudflare doesn’t host the site, which means they cannot remove it, and the domain name stopped being yours when its registration expired. Cloudflare cannot discuss someone else’s account with you.

If it is large enough of a problem for your firm to justify significant legal expenses, you could attempt to locate the impersonator using the courts.

Im not saying any of this to be a pill. I just want to set realistic expectations for you.

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Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it. I have now submitted a second abuse form but tbh i’m not holding out much hope of a response or action. Is there no way for us to find out exactly who is hosting the content? An ICANN or WHOIS search lists the name servers as Cloudflare which makes them our only point of contact in this. If, as you say, the content is being proxied through Cloudflare then they are surely ultimately responsible for putting this right? Unfortunately the Abuse Form submission feels like a call into the abyss. They offer no promise of a response or even action.

If the content is not being proxied and Cloudflare is only providing the DNS, you can find the webhost on your own and approach them directly. If it is proxied, Cloudflare forwards the copyright complaint to the responsible howting provider. Available actions are limited and will never be likely to meet the expectations of an aggrieved party. Communication beyond an initial response is not something to expect in any network abuse reporting.

If you need something more, you will have to engage your own counsel to pursue the site operator. That is not guaranteed to have any different result, but its an option.

To be honest I don’t have a clue how to tell if the content is being proxied or whether Cloudflare is providing the DNS! How could I tell?
Again, thanks for your time on this!

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You can check the IP address returned from a DNS query against the Cloudflare proxy IP list or perform a whois query on the IP.

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