Someone has somehow used my domain on their Cloudflare account


I own a domain and am in the process of moving to a new webhost. I am having issues pointing my domain to my new host (Kinsta) because it says that Cloudflare nameservers are in use and the new host doesn’t allow this to occur.

The thing is, I don’t have a Cloudflare connected to the domain within my account. I signed up to Cloudflare just to be able to ask this question in the hopes someone might know how to assist.

For further information, I did have someone impersonating the site earlier this year - I’m starting to wonder if they somehow integrated my domain with their own Cloudflare account.

What is the domain? You can figure out the nameservers of the domain by doing whois <your domain> You can just change the nameservers to ones that will with Kinsta.

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