Someone has hijacked my domain

Hi there,

I have been going around and around in circles the last couple of weeks. My AppleID was hacked which contained my newly purchased domain proof off purchase info, as well as a plethora of other personal emails and documentation.

After several weeks, and with he support of Apple, I was able to gain access back into my account. During this time, my domain purchased through Cloudflare was transferred to another registrar without my knowledge or consent, and my Cloudflare account was cancelled / deleted.

It has been an upward battle trying to get any information or assistance from Cloudflare. I keep being told, only the account holder can make contact through the registered email of said account holder.

I am the account holder. I purchased the domain. I have bank statementt transactions, etc to prove it. I’m assuming the person who stole my domain has registered themselves as the account holder, so it’ makes zero sense why after explaining this to Cloudflare, sending ID documentation, etc etc that they are still mucking about with this and won’t even define which account holder they will speak to? The fake one or me who has proof of the transactions etc etc.

Any advice would be welcome in how to navigate this

Do I understand correctly, that your domain was transferred to another registrar?

If so, I am afraid you can only go the legal route at this point. Cloudflare won’t be able to assist you here and even less the community here. You can certainly open a registrar ticket at but I very much doubt they will be able to help either.

Your domain is currently owned by someone else, at another registrar and that is something you can only clarify via the legal route.


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