Someone has added a domain in my Cloudflare account without my knowledge

I received a notification from Cloudflare about a new domain added to my Cloudflare account.
The domain is

This is not my domain.
My account has 2FA setup with Authy and I don’t have any member assigned to handle my account.

How can someone else add a domain to my account without such access?

Have you shared your Global API key with someone or over some 3rd-party integrator, or in some plugin like WordPress, etc.? :thinking:

Kindly, navigate to the Audit Log from Cloudflare dashboard and take a look for an events, I believe you this could help you to find out what happened with the domain name :thinking:

May I ask have you used Cloudflare for that particular domain withing some 3rd-party partner/integrator since before? :thinking:

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I have not consciously shared my Global API key with anyone or any 3rd party integrator.
As for the API key being used in Wordpress plugin, I’m not 100% sure.

This domain is not mine. So I have never used Cloudflare with it before.

Looking at the Audit Log, it looks like the domain was added on the 4th, which was when I received the alert.
I don’t really know how to interpret the log information but apparently my username was used to add the domain (from User IP Address: and subsequently Cloudflare added some Records.

Hi Sandro,

This is the screenshot of the Audit log:

And this is the dashboard:

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