Someone hacked my cloudflare account. I want to get it back

Hello Sir,

Someone hacked my Cloudflare account linked with mailto:[email protected]. I am not able to login to my Cloudflare dashboard.

On May 16, 2022, 11:08 AM I received email showing "The email address for the Cloudflare account associated with this email address [email protected] has been changed as of 2022-05-16 05:38:49 UTC. Your new email address is: [email protected] If you did not make this change, use the following email rollback link to revert the change:

I didn’t check my email at that time so couldn’t know about it. Now when I tried to login to Cloudflare account dashboard then was not able to do this.

I tried the email rollback link also but it does not work may be due to expired.

Please Sir fix the problem as soon as possible.

Thanks …

If you’re not using Cloudflare Registrar for any of your domains, it would be best to set up a new account on a new email address and re-add your domain(s) there.

Be sure to set up 2FA as well:


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