Someone got mad, is this considerably a large attack?

I know I can only apply rules, and keep behind the proxy and load-balance the best I can, attack didn’t bring down the single server but had it working really hard. Should I fear larger or is this about the worst I can expect it. They tried different attacks but most notable was that of what CloudFlare saw HTTP Flood.

They can get much larger. It just depends on how many resources someone wants to dedicate to attacking your site.


So I should definitely embrace for larger however could it maybe be safe to say that this is not the level of a free attack but one that costs money to get the machines up and running?

Pretty small considering that most of the attack hit the cache, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


The attack via front end has low-threat to it, some data-base over-use for sessions but this can be mitigated seeing this attack expressed.

I worry about back end SRTP/RTP via UDP/TCP; seems they had attempted a UDP flood and I know currently I may not have much success here without deploying more than the attacker can manager, currently 7 media servers and they manage to hit 3 out of 7, I can soon manage 40+ which makes these attacks seem bogus but we’ll see soon.

Overall this seems alarming but also good news, I’m not worried but if they get significantly worse holy ■■■■… :stuck_out_tongue:

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