Someone from cloudflare inbox me

Hello some one from cloudflare with email REDACTED is emailing me the subject is like this “Cloudflare account risk reminder” Is it true?

Because as i reply the mail she guide me to contact her from telegram… i feel like being scammed in here… have someone get something like this?

And here it is the content of the mail

I’m Tracy from Cloudflare’s iGaming team.

We’ve observed activity in your account that might breach our network usage policies, particularly related to domain rotation.

Our standard plans (Free, Pro, Business) aren’t suitable for this. Upgrading to our Enterprise plan equips you with specialised tools for these activities, ensuring performance and policy compliance.

Not addressing this could lead to account suspension. Could you please schedule a call with us via this link [Book a meeting with REDACTED Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

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Hi there,

I suspect this could be a genuine attempt from someone at Cloudflare to reach out to you, however let me confirm with the person and get them to reach out to you.


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Hi @roymarkoy as mentioned by my colleague @Damian I also suspect this is correct and have also reached out to verify. Sorry for any confusion that may have been caused.

As an outsider, the request to use WhatsApp helped push me further toward the suspicious side. While it is apparently a quiet popular messaging platform in certain regions and demographics, such a request resembles an attempt to move the conversation outside of official channels.

While I was about to write that I would review the email headers, I gave pause, as it it could still be an exploit from a compromised Cloudflare staff account, however unlikey, and that would make the request for WhatsApp align with the objective of moving the conversation outside of channels with accountability.

It’s unfortunate that these communications do not have a corresponding notice in the Cloudflare dashboard to provide reassurance of authenticity.

3 Likes agree and I have shared that with the Dashboard team. Great suggestion.

@roymarkoy my colleague @Damian has verified with the person that contacted you that the outreach is valid. Sorry for the confusion.

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