Someone cloned my site and they are hiding behind cloudflare

Recently i was loosing some organic traffic and checked around only to find a fully working clone of our site. similar word to word and ranking

i already switched to under attack mode. what more can i do? what time span does cloud-flare take to respond as i am a free user

If you make a change in your website, see if it shows up immediately on their site. If it does, they either reverse proxy the site (eg. When they get a view on the homepage, it requests your site’s homepage) or they point their site to your site’s IP address.

thanks for the reply. It was used to update a few hours after i made updates. Talked to my host…i don’t know what they did but tit no longer updates after i make updates on the main site.

the clones looks a little bit scrambled now…not everything loads. But it is still running

is it safe to ignore it now? Because as long as it is online and ranking…looks like a problem

You could temporarily set your site so they can scrape it again, add something malicious to your site (that will break their site, hide it’s content, etc), wait for them to scrape it, then repair and resecure your site.

Contact to the hosting company and raise a complaint, or you may even submit DMCA complaint to take down the website.

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