Someone added Subdomains. CloudFlare Account Hacked?

Hello Team
Someone added subdomains in my Cloudflare account. Today 2nd April 2023 I bought a new domain ( and added this domain to Cloudflare.
I did not host my domain to any hosting. I was planning after the DNS Propagation.
I wonder someone added subdomain into my Cloudflare.
I got all this information from Audit logs.
I did not install wordpress
I did not host my website.
Can please someone guide me what is this how it is possible without my permission anyone can subdomain in my account.
My 2FA is enabled.
for reference I am adding screenshots too.

You need to verify who added it, it’s shown in the Audit Log, but not in the screenshot you provided.

My bet is Cloudflare’s automatic certificate provisioning.


I have not any user in my Cloudflare account. and its new Cloudflare account so no one have access of Cloudflare.

I am not talking about other users. Cloudflare does add records automatically due to some services it runs and they are of course added in the logs.

Do check what I told you before.

I am not pro but I am sharing screenshot. Hope it is best for understanding.

As you can see the user is Cloudflare, meaning it’s an automatically added record to validate Cloudflare certificates.

Your account wasn’t compromised, as expected.


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