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Sep 12, 2023, 9:20 AM CDT

I was informed by GoDaddy that my domain DNS is with Cloudflare, however I can’t find an account to even log into. It was originally with Podbean and I remember looking into Cloudflare awhile back. I have not used the domain lately but am wanting it to be with my Podbean account but as I said i can’t even find a way to log into couldfare. I have tried forgot passwords and emails and checked spam but still nothing comes up. I signed up again today with email: [email protected] just now and I still can’t find anything to help me resolve this. I have a screenshot of what GoDaddy gave me to show my domain is somehow been set up with Cloudflare. Can anyone help with how I can move DNS records from my domain from a cloudflare account i don’t remember setting up and get them back to Podbean? I am pretty technical novice so I apologize now if I don’t understand all the technical language you help me with. Thank you for any help!

You can move this away from your previous Cloudflare account by setting up your DNS records again on GoDaddy. On the GoDaddy DNS editor, you would firstly readd the PodBean DNS records as per this guide and any others you may have had set up (such as email records for Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace if used). Once they have been added, leave for a few hours and then change your nameservers back to GoDaddy’s nameservers via their dashboard.

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Thank you so much for the helpful advice!


You’re most welcome! :slight_smile:

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