Some weird things when you trying to block bot and block country at the same time

Here is my expression code :
rule 1 : (not in {“VN”} and not
rule 2 : (ip.geoip.asnum in {16509 15169} and not

In the rule 1, the weird thing is i need to have “” while i already have rule 2, which mean if i have rule 1 without “not”, google can not crawl my site, so, if i want google (known bots - cloudflare) crawl my website, i need to have 2 expressions “not” in both rule 1 and rule 2 ?

I don’t understand, can you please guide me ?

If you don’t want to add and not to every rule you make, you should consider creating a rule at the very top like this:

Then take action:
All remaining custom rules

Otherwise, the exception for known bots only applies to the rule that contains the exception, not to other rules.

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Your logic appears to be:

  1. Block anything not from VN - so without and not you block all bots that are outside of VN - so this blocks Amazon & Google
  2. Block anything from Amazon and Google that is not

So Amazon and Google will almost always be blocked by rule one except if/when they use IP’s inside VN (dont know if they have a presence in VN? - A bit of googling about google says that they have done since 2019)

Also the approach from @Laudian make subsequent rules simpler as you handle bots from anywhere in one step

See, your rule nr1 is as follows:
(Not from Vietnam)
Google’s crawler is not from Vietnam, so from Vietnam is false:
(not false)
This solves to:

(A result of true means block, while false means the next rule is evaluated)

Your changed rule is this:
(Not from Vietnam) AND (not verified bot)
Google is still not from Vietnam, and it is a verified bot, so the expression solves as follows:
(not false) AND (not true)
Solves as follows::
true AND false
true AND false is false, so:

The rule works as it should (logically).


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