Some web-site traffic not encrypted

I have tried flexible and full (I was not recommended strict) and on Cloudflare SSL/TSL overview I see that still some of traffic is not encrypted (around 10 %), my web site is www interconstra com , how do I solve it?

That was not a good “recommendation” as you should always use Strict. Otherwise you have no encryption in the first place. Switch to Strict first and then we can discuss any other issues.


Done, let me check, thanks.

Just checked, more than 24 hours and still the same issue and around 10 % traffic is not encrypted

That will be HTTP requests which will be redirected to HTTPS by Cloudflare. If you are on Full Strict, your site is generally correctly configured for SSL now.

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This is the situation

Precisely what I explained.

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Ok, clear, just to clarify so full strict could not be maybe blocking some visitors? (I have been told it could happen)

No, it cannot. Very much the opposite, it guarantees that you have a secure and encrypted connection. The other legacy modes do not and disable encryption.

Whoever told you that, misinformed you I am afraid.

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Ok, clear, thank you so much Sandro

Pleasure. Just one thing, should you ever get a 526 error, that would mean your server certificate expired and your host hasn’t updated it (should typically not happen). You’d need to contact your host to get that fixed on your server. You could also look into Origin certificates, as they have a longer validity than e.g. Let’s Encrypt.

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