Some web pages are not displaying current version

We updated content on a couple of pages via BigCommerce that pushes to a headless frontend on a different Digital Ocean server before Cloudflare.

After purging the cache on Cloudflare and locally in all browsers and multiple devices, the old pages still display. The main navigation dropdowns, image display and FAQ accordion functionality don’t work properly. However, if I do a hard refresh/reload on those pages they display and work perfectly. Unfortunately, if I navigate to another page and then back, the page reverts back to the old version instead of the new one. I can tell because I look at the source code and can see that it has content that we changed days ago.

I had an Apple support technician who has never visited the site (ie no local cache) view the pages using different browsers and both a Mac and PC and they had the same issues.

The problem pages are:

Similar content, styling and schema work fine on other pages such as: