Some web elements are not loading properly such as forms, yoast SEO panel and other plugin pages

Hello there,

I am having a problem with some web elements are not loading up properly. This includes:

  1. Contact form Icons
  2. Yoast SEO panel
  3. Big white space on the homepage

Please give me the solution.


A bunch of resources are giving a 1020 (Access Denied) error. Did you add a firewall rule to block access to the plugins directory?

Yes. I disabled all the firewall rules. It seems working fine now. So, It means I am using some insecure plugin in my site?

I also want to know about my speed score. Even after everything optimized my site takes more than 10 seconds to load. May I know the solution?

@sdayman May I have your thoughts?

Is there anyone who can help me with this?

is your site working properly?

I’m seeing this

I wasn’t aware of this. What happened? I was working on my website completely fine.

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