Some Web Apps Error 526 Using Same CF Origin Cert

I read the following article RE: Error 526

I don’t understand why some of my web apps on the same server are working without issue using Full SSL (Strict) and a CF Origin Certificate, but some of my web apps using the same CF
Origin Certificate must be set to Full SSL to clear the error.

I generated a CF Origin Certificate with wildcard for, *

My web apps are subdomains of

I made sure to use the wildcard CF Origin Cert and Private Key on each web app’s SSL/TLS setting on the server.

I validated the certificates have no issues for each web app/subdomain using

What am I missing here?

Out of curiosity, do you get a 526 when you try This is presuming you don’t have a Cloudflare Page Rule that redirects www before that request gets to the server.

My theory is that your server has different Apache (or NGINX) config files or directives for those subdomains and need the Origin Cert added in multiple places.

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Most likely answer? Some of your apps are calling either * which is not covered under a * certificate. Second most likely answer? The origin isn’t the same and the certificate on origin 2 isn’t valid for full (strict).

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