Some videos get stuck processing

We recently took inventory of the videos in our account and found that a handful of our 1500+ videos never finished processing. I can count a total of 8 videos that have not finished processing, with the latest one being 22 days ago. So its a very small % but i figured it would be good to create a topic for it.

The videos vary in length, from a couple of minutes to 40+ minutes.
Here are the 4 latest examples:

We (or rather, my client) run a SaaS startup company and these sort of issues risk causing us to loose customers. So it would be good if we could get some input on this.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Thanks for your feedback. We’ve made recent improvements that cut down on videos getting stuck in processing state. I’ll investigate the specific video IDs you shared to understand what went wrong and keep you posted.

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This has now been resolved. You should no longer see occasionally instances of videos getting stuck in processing state.


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