Some URLs are not redirected to www

Hope there is an easy fix for this :).
I have a recent issue where some of my pages are not redirected from to
DNS registrar is Cloudflare and records are properly configured.
I do not have any redirect or [IMPORTANT] Page Rules Deprecation, configured.
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

If you don’t have any Redirect or Page Rules, how are you doing the redirect? Is it configured on your origin server?

Can you give the domain and a page that should redirect?

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Hi. Thanks for your reply!
The redirect should occur automatically for any request which is directed to
It is working for home page, which is immediately redirected to
I would assume that any page redirect should work without rules, provided DNS records point to the same IP? I just created a rule as a test, but it does not appear to help.

What you have entered as the value isn’t the correct format for “URI”, see the e.g. below the box for the format. Use “URI Full” instead (or a field or combination of fields using and/or that matches your requirements best).

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Thank you! This works.
We are looking to redirect all content to full, “www” page URL. I would not think I should need to configure redirect rules separately for each page?

If you want to redirect all pages under to the same path under then change to…

Hostname equals

and change the redirect type from “Static” to “Dynamic”, set the expression for dynamic to concat("", http.request.uri.path) and check the “Preserve query string” box.


appreciate it! Appears to be working well :).

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