Some Ssl Error

hello Sir Am not able to use Always https feature its already on from my account but not working on my website i dontknow why i must have to type :https if i want to see ssl otherwise this wont redirect me to https i add Rules also but still cant -_- when u do http://removed Please figure this out this problem how to solve this issues should i add own Rules through .htaccess ? then and why if am using cloudflare

This post was made 23 minutes ago, but it seems to be working now. The page is pretty broken because most of the resources are from, which doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, but your site seems to be redirecting to the HTTPS version through Cloudflare’s redirect.

Check again sir can you tell me whats it showing right now…

I think you have an actual site now loaded up. Once again, HTTPS redirects are working as they should be.

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