Some ssl bug please help

hello, admins, I have this bug from a long time I want to fix it but still nothing.

my site is working fine but I know it will stop in sometime it happens after every 2-3 months with cloudflare connected

What test is that? Other than that test’s warning, have you seen any actual errors while visiting your site?

It already redirects to HTTPS, so that’s good. A couple of other suggestions would be to enable HSTS if you are sure that your domain and all its subdomains will always use HTTPS. Then submit the site to the HSTS preload list for quicker browser connections.

@sdayman bro hSts ask me many stuff while enabling and its very dangerous man I saw it says u cant acess ur site for months if u did something wrong that’s bad .

For now i can acess my site fine but after sometime I will not be able to then i have to remove cloudflare and readd everything then the error message shown in image will go away then after 2-3 months it comes again and site goes down after 2-3 months then again i have to do same process.

So i need a solution for that I am on blogger

Please help someone

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