Some small advice when deploying to Cloudflare?

Hi there, hoping someone might be kind enough to provide some advice if possible?

I have recently purchased a “pro” Cloudflare subscription for my business website which is “”

I have imported that domain into my Cloudflare instance and ensured the Relevant DNS records have since been created and confirm they reflect the same as whats configured on my DNS registrars / providers website.

Importantly, I also have a handful of other domains which are currently configured to forward their traffic to “”

Some examples below if you want to try;

For these domains that have forwarding on it, I have set it up like so;

My question is though, If I cutover my main domain only ( to Cloudflare and just keep the existing web forwarding settings on the current DNS provider side for the other handful of domains - will they continue to work? Or will I need to add each and every domain that currently forwards traffic to to Cloudflare and then implement some logic in the Cloudflare console to redirect to

this probably will still work with the nameserver change, but it depends on how that registrar’s systems work and if they disable the redirect if you change the nameservers.

What would be recommended is, after changing nameservers to CF, create a page rule like the one below to redirect at the Cloudflare level:

Thanks for the prompt response and suggestion Judge.

From your comments, it might be worth leaving as is initially, testing after cutover to see if its working.

If found to be not working then migrate the other domains over to a free account, delegate correct nameservers for those domains at the registrar and setup a relevant “page rule” for URL forwarding as per your screenshot on Cloudflare for each.

Thank you, appreciate your time.

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