Some resources sometimes don't load - 520 Error code

Dear Cloudflare community.

I have a problem that my WordPress and/or website don’t load. To be precise, some resources don’t load. Sometimes it’s JS and the website (or dashboard) keep loading for ~ 90 sec before timing out and returning 502 Error. Sometimes it’s just some images. And sometimes everything works perfectly. All of this happens without me changing ANYTHING.

Here’s the forum thread I opened: Images and JS not loading |

So, I turned to my web-hosting provider, SiteGround. They guaranteed me that the problem is not on their side but on Cloufdlare’s.

Here’s a part of reply I got:

I have been doing some tests and it appears that the issues occur only with the CSS Autominify setting enabled.

After disabling it, I got results below 1 second when testing the site in GTmetrix:

This indicates that your website(or a component of it) is not compatible with this feature and its CSS files should not be minified.

In this case, I can suggest the following options:

1. Keep the CSS Minification setting in the Cloudflare tool disabled.

2. Examine your site components(plugins and theme) to find what part of it is not compatible with the CSS minification. After that, you can contact the script author to check the case further or just stop using it.

This morning, I even got a warning by Google Search Console: Server error (5xx)

Now, here I am with you guys :smiley:

Here’s what I’ve tried so far (in various combinations).

Disabling all plugins and my theme

  • Reinstalling wordpress
  • Cleaning left-over files of old plugins with an optimizing plugin
  • Changing all Cloudflare settings available to me (auto minify js, css, and html), Brotli, rocket loader, caching level, disabling all my page rules, SSL/TCL mode).

Some resources still don’t get loaded. Usually it’s JS, sometimes wp-admin, seldom images. All this affects my wp-dashboard loading. One second I’m effortlessly switching between ie. posts and pages, another seconds my wp-dashboard takes up to 90 seconds to load.

Here are some GTMetrix reports and their descriptions:
Resource didn’t load

Images not loading

Long loading

Hope you can help.

Hi there,

I can see from

You can see some resources are getting 522.

These are usually related to your origin/network: Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out

I cannot see any evidence of 502’s from what you’ve given us. Start with the above and see how you get on.

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