Some recipients not receiving our emails

We’ve encountered an issue where some people are not receiving emails from our addresses. In some cases, we are receiving notices that say “550 permanent failure for one or more recipients ([email redacted for this post](mailto:[email redacted for this post]):blocked.” In other cases, the recipients simply do not reliably receive our emails (and they do not go to promotions/spam folders either).

The attached image is a screenshot from a support session by one of the recipients who was trying to determine if the issue was on her end or ours.

I’m not sure what the details of the screenshot mean, but perhaps it will provide information as to what’s going on.

We did make some SPF changes in April through Cloudflare, and suspect that this may have created the problem. Can anyone in the community provide support on how to fix our SPF or whatever else is awry? Thank you!


Cloudflare DNS does whatever you tell it to do. If your TXT records for email are not correct, I suggest you head to some mail admin forums such as

Or run tests at and

Thanks, @sdayman. I’m definitely swimming out of my depths on this one.
Here’s the attached
Hopefully that make some sense to someone!

That’s certainly the SPF record you have for your domain. If that’s what you input into your Cloudflare DNS records, then Cloudflare is accurately publishing those records. You’ll have to check out the links in my message to assistance in routing your email, as Cloudflare does not proxy email connections.

@sdayman thanks so much! Your recommendation to use mail-tester to diagnose and fix the issue worked like a charm.

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