Some Questions Regarding Cloudflare stream


I have a few questions regarding Cloudflare stream service.

  1. How can we monetize the contents? I mean can we insert pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll ads through VAST, VPAID or any other or our own ad system? How monetization/in-stream ads works?

  2. How can we prevent porn video uploads? I mean are there any filters or porn video detection methods to prevent porn video uploads by users?

  3. Can the video be downloaded through the source file by the user on their local device?

  4. Video Player is fully Whit label? And can it be customized easily?

  5. Can video playback through by own mediaelement.js player?

  6. Can we migrate our whole video contents to any other system or our in house architecture?

  7. Can we upload videos through our website interface that will be stored directly on Cloudflare on the fly something like amazon S3 media upload? How video thumbnails will be generated from the videos upon uploading by the users? Can user choose from first 4-5 frames of the videos for the thumbnails or can user upload their own custom thumbnail?

  8. Does player supports video cast?

  9. Does it support DRM? If not when can we expect for that?

  10. Can we mask url [] with our own url through cname or any other methods?

  11. Can we broadcast live videos? Something like YouTube live or livestream?

  12. Does dashboard has capability to temporarily suspend and reinstate video due to copyright complaints from user or any reason whatsoever?

  13. Every 1000 costs $1 means if a user watching same video whole day by opening in 20 browsers tabs from same ip/location that is 28,800 minutes of playback which cost a huge amount. (1440 minutes x 20 tabs = 28,800 minutes) cost will work like this ??

  14. For each 1000 minutes of video storage Cloudflare charges $5 per months. Means in a month we upload 40000 minutes it’s costs us $40, in second months our users uploaded 50000 minutes of videos so in this month our billing cost will be 40 + 50 = $90 and so on, it will work like that? Previous months upload storage will be carry forward? What if user or we delete videos from the storage? Will it decrease cost as well?



Hey bhootnath, did you ever get any answers to these questions? Inparticular number 1. I have a request from a client in setting up aa streaming service that has preroll ads (through DFP). Did you get any info on this? Thanks

Can someone from CF team answer these queries? It takes care of majority of common concerns that a user will have.