Some questions about Paid Plan and Security Problem

I have some questions about the Paid Plan and Security Problem.

  1. I have added my site on Cloudflare and added DNS records, then my origin IP is hidden, but my firewall rules seem to not work. And when I use Apache JMeter to test my website(1000 Users in 10 Seconds), the bandwidth is full and connections increase. Where I config is wrong?

  2. My users will use Socket (Domain and Port) to conncet my server, but after I add my website on Cloudflare, it does not work! My users can’t connect my server with socket. How should I do to make it possible? How to hide my origin IP and make Port(such as 5183) connection work well?

  3. I’ve just joined Cloudflare to solve my problem with SYN-flooding, but I don’t know how to test it, even though I have made some configuration on Cloudflare. I am using the Free Plan, I don’t mind to change it to Pro or Business, even Enterprise Plan, if Cloudflare can help me deal with my problems.

Without an Enterprise plan of Cloudflare Spectrum, you don’t. Here are the supported ports for the Cloudflare proxy.

only Enterprise plan? ok i will ask the sales. thank you!

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