Some questions about cloudflare

Hi everyone,

I’m new to website building and I have a few questions:

  • When in my hosting page Cloudflare asks me for my site domain, can I also buy a domain if I haven’t one already?
  • Does Cloudflare provide automatic or guided installation of CMS on the server or I need to upload the CMS or the website files via FTP?

Thanks a lot!

You buy the domain(s), server(s) from any service providers, link them first. Then come over to Cloudflare and add your server ip in dns settings. Go to your service provider and update to Cloudflare nameservers. And no, CMS is your job.

Cloudflare is not a web host. Once you get your site up and running somewhere, you use Cloudflare as sort of a firewall for your existing website.


Also I would suggest making sure if you do end up using Cloudflare, then follow this list to figure out if you need to enable/disable a subdomain or record’s Cloudflare status.

@movieglide @sdayman thanks!

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