Some Questions about Cloudflare Community

Firstly who locked this thread what was the need and why my post moved here and why every thread is locked with answer selected if someone wants do discussion about same thing it’s hard and hence 1000’s of duplicate threads :frowning: hope you understand.


here I don’t want to select your answer and why you are forcing I selected walshy’s answer here afterwards and you came (not sure) and select yours as per I can see.

and here also user selected mine answer as the solution and now I am seeing this after some days my answer is no longer selected.

This line is the edit to make this post visible whoever it is please stop and let the cloudflare community clean.

Hi @DadaJi,

I would imagine it’s because that is all the information available and any discussion around the same issue/question would be pointless.

I’m not sure why, the answer is there in the existing threads.

I am not sure what is happening here or what the issue is. The currently selected solution addresses your question about page rules.

No idea why that is, the thread in question does seem to go round and round a bit.

i am not talking about general discussion I am talking like if some user wants to ask about it in detail or if the user is confused need explaination or something else, and all the other forums on internet keep thread open even github community.

Yes I think that user keep changing answers to his posts IDK why?

I am not sure but i think its @sandro.

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