Some question about second dns

I want to set Cloudflare dns as second dns server for my site
what should I do for that?I trid that but days after my domain was auto deleted:(

  2. Follow the step by step
  3. change your Domain NS to Cloudflare DNS
  4. you can continue the wizard or you can wait until DNS Solved to CF


Thank you for asking.

I am afraid to use Cloudflare as a secondary DNS requires Enterprise plan:

Furthermore, you cannot “mix” different nameservers. Either stick with your hosting provider’s or remove them and use only Coudflare nameservers.

Sounds like Cloudflare didn’t detected only the Cloudflare nameservers for your domain name, therefore removed your domain name from your Cloudflare account.

May I ask if you used some 3rd-party integrator like eZoic, WPEngine, Kinsta, etc.?

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