Some problems after Cloudflare activation

Hello everybody,
I am new in this community, so if I do something wrong, I apologize in advance.

I have a website with Siteground, when modify the URL from the Word Press “Settings” adding “www” before the domain and redirecting it to the Cloudflare servers, some problems appear:

  • one section of the Home page changes from displaying the elements in a slider mod to the list mode
  • On the search page, the map disappears.
  • in the mobile version, some more items change.

some of the problems appeared when I activated some SGoptimizer features like “parse javascript” or “minify css”.

I disabled every Cloudflare feature but the problems are still there. If I remove the “www” from the url, everything goes back normal.

I compared the two options on GTMetrix and I noticed that the “www” version is 49MB less. Is there any kind of compression that goes automatically?
Thanks a lot.

If I don’t type in www, it redirects to www and doesn’t show the slider. But if I reload, it shows the slider. And if I type in www, I get the slider the first time.

If I click straight to Services, there is no map, but if I reload, there’s map. And if I type in the URL for services, I get the map.

You’re not using Rocket Loader, so Cloudflare isn’t doing much to change the functionality of your site.

Considering that you originally configured your site without www, and then only changed it in General Settings, there could be some underlying problems with that.

I don’t think we can help you debug your site. I suggest that you use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview section of the dashboard and see if the behavior changes.

Thanks for your answer.
I tried “Pause Cloudflare on Site” But nothing changes.
It only changes if I switch back the domain without www from the WP settings.
That is very strange. How would you explain the different dimensions of the sites?
comparison 2020-08-04 184009|690x395

With a broken site, comparing sizes might not be accurate. Either comb through you site to make sure everything works with ‘www’, or manually add your site to Cloudflare so you don’t have to use ‘www’.

I am not able to find something wrong in the site, so far.
I tried adding the site manually, as you suggested, but I gave me DNS problems and the site didn’t open. I followed a guide I found in the community but I probably did something wrong… Could you please give me some steps to follow?
Thank you

It looks like you disabled the Cloudflare setup at Siteground. That’s a good start.

If you manually add your domain through your Cloudflare account, it will/would have tried to scan your DNS records. Your DNS records here need to be a complete copy of your current DNS records at Siteground. You may have to add or correct some entries.

Once you have updated all your DNS records here to match the ones at Siteground, you can switch your name servers over to the two that Cloudflare assigned.

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I added manually the site and changed the servers on SG. Everything works well now! And no www redirections. I also tried Railgun and Brotli, they don’t seem to give any problem, so far. I reckon the problem was the www redirection.
Thank you very much for your patience, you have been very kind and amazingly clear in your explanations.

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