Some problem

we have the same problem

Cloudflare won’t update proxied A records and is still pointing to old ones. Multiple users have the same problem.

You haven’t provided enough information for anyone to assist with.

What’s the domain? Where did the old ones point to? Are you moving away from a SaaS platform like Shopify?

Ah, yes. The SaaS “lock” Cloudflare fails to mention.

More info on that: DNS Proxy is using an old value no matter what

Uh… I mean, sure?

You haven’t actually said if you are experiencing the ‘SaaS lock’ and if you are, haven’t provided any information for us to be able to escalate your issue to support.

SaaS lock or Cloudflare is having some internal DNS propagation issues. I have no other explanation.
I’m seeing “This domain is successfully pointed at WP Engine” although the current A record points to our own server which has nothing to do with WP Engine

Zone ID: 0328fbcab0ffff70e73bc18c24474468

Contacted WP Engine support, asked them to remove the domain and now everything is working fine.

Thanks for the SaaS tip.

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