Some people in iran solved ssl issue


I know that Iranian government has blocked Cloudflare SSL but there are some Iranian websites that could solve this problem. They use Cloudflare CDN and everybody can visit their website. For example is a website that uses Cloudflare CDN and can be opened from Iran. I enabled Cloudflare for my website and I can not open it with Iran IP.

I know that theprincejan[dot]com used some tweaks to solve this issue. can anybody describe the differences between the configuration of these two websites so that my visitors can Open It?

Any recommendations would be appreciated. I read all the threads about IRAN SSL problem on this forum and could not find a solution that can be applied to Cloudflare free CDN service.


As I found out, for different webhostings it differs. On Siteground Cloudflare is blocked. but one of my friends could activate Cloudflare easily on Hostinger. The website is Some people could activate Cloudflare using flexible SSL and Installling a plugin on wordpress which solves redirect loop problem if you enable Cloudflare flexible SSL.

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