Some People Can't Connect To Site, Others Can

Strange situation. I can access my website and so can others BUT I have a friend in another location that says he gets the unsupported protocol error when he tries to access my site.

I had that issue when I first switched to Cloudflare on 3 different sites but all sites work from all of my devices and for other people but my friend states that he has the issue still for one of them.

At this point, I’m not sure what to even check because I would have thought it would be across the board if there was an issue with the certificate or configuration.

Any suggestions?

Domain? And screenshots of the errors.

The domain is and I don’t have screen shots because it is working fine from my devices. This is the error that he says he is getting.

This error was using Saffari

and this one using Chrome
The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite

You appear to be signed up via a Cloudflare partner and only your www record goes through Cloudflare. It would be best to first clarify these issues with your host.

I’m signed up with Dreamhost. DNS is set to change everything to https://www
What else do I need to do?


I just checked my DNS records for all 3 sites and they appear to be the same. The CNAME record that has Cloudflare in it as part of the name is www for all 3. He is not having trouble with the other 2 sites. and

It actually does seem as if there might be something off with Cloudflare’s TLS configuration for that particular host.

Try to open a support ticket at

Thank you. Will do. My friend just sent me another email stating the following: Using my old tablet and Chrome, it stated that your server might be using RC4 which is now deemed insecure.

The diagnostics indicate that I am missing a verification txt. I can’t seem to find the values that I need to enter. Can you tell me how to find them?


You might have to create a TXT record for that verification, but that is very partner specific and it should be really your host who fixes that.

Okay. Thank you. I think I selected email verification for my other domains. Can’t seem to figure out how to get back in there to do that.

Dreamhost support says I need to get the value from Cloudflare.

That’s a bit weird, as they are the Cloudflare partner and should actually handle the entire setup.

Anyhow, support ticket it is once more :slight_smile: ->

Thanks trying to submit that now. Dreamhost said they can help me create the record (which I already know how to do) but that the value is something generated by Cloudflare.

That might be, but they are still Cloudflare’s partner and I’d expect them to be familiar with the necessary steps and carry them out instead of sending their customers to Cloudflare :man_shrugging:

Anyhow, I hope that you’ll be able to sort that out with the help of support.

Thank you. Once I find the answer, I will post back here. I didn’t have to create txt records for the other two domains I have hosted here so I’m not sure why this one needs it even.


Could it be the others are set up directly on Cloudflare and not via a partner setup?

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No, I did them all the same way. When I do the diagnostics before submitting a ticket all three domains say that I don’t have the txt verification record.

This is so frustrating… Support just sent me an email with a bunch of links to read. Still no answer. Sigh…

Sorry to jump in late to this conversation, not sure I can add a whole lot, but I noticed the TLS setting for the 2 zones that work OK is set for 1.0 and it’s 1.3 for the zone that does not.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I changed the TLS setting to 1.0 and everything started magically working.

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier but since I am a new user I wasn’t allowed to post as I’d reached the limit for the day.

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