Some people can't connect to our website, DNS seems to change for some and point to nothing

since this morning more and more people can’t access our website on , it seems it’s a DNS issue : the domain name point to nothing. On my side it’s works, for people that have this error : F5 seems to works sometimes.

Is there any issue on that on Cloudflare ?


DNS wise your domain is properly configured and it also loads fine

Only thing it is not proxied, but that’s not an issue per se.

If you cannot reproduce it, it will be difficult to debug, but it might be an issue with their DNS servers. Maybe they could change to Yandex, Google, or Cloudflare for that.

Alternatively they would need to provide you with more debug information, such as a ping and traceroute.

Assuming you experienced the issue when the record was proxied, it will be probably your encryption mode on Cloudflare, as that one is insecure right now. You should change that to “Full strict”.

Hi Sandro,
thanks for your reply.

I try a traceroute from one of my server, and it’s a bit strange :

One is OK, the second (launch right after the first one) failed

I try curl, one works, all other failed.

A host command always returns the same :

Are you possibly based in Moldova?

Hi Sandro,
no in France.

I try a dig, host and host again, all one after the other.

I’d change the system resolver in that case. You seem to have intermittent resolution issues.

The system resolver : but on which side ?

Not sure about your question. You could pick one from Public recursive name server - Wikipedia but that’s generally not a Cloudflare issue at this point and so rather off-topic here I am afraid.

But it’s on client side right ?

Yes, the domain is correctly set up and loads and resolves fine → DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

If there are some issues with your server being blocked somewhere, then you could try to proxy the record. In that case requests would go the proxies, but your servers needs to be configured to e.g. rewrite addresses.

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