Some people can't access my website

Hello i have a question some people can’t access my website it keeps loading and say

Error 524

Ray ID: 61fe7ce3a91fd4e4 • 2021-02-11 13:41:30 UTC

A timeout occurred

and some can access my website i don’t know what is going on depends on country …
please check and tell me if cloudflare have some issue

link :

with french ip its working with some other french ip its loading slowly with moroccan ip itsn ot working
cloudflare please check this asap !!

example of url :

we can’t navigate properly issue from cloudflare error 524 sometimes time out

please check everything is fine from vps side and network side … thanks

A 524 error indicates that Cloudflare made a successful TCP connection to the origin web server, but the origin did not reply with an HTTP response before the connection timed out. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for troubleshooting ideas.


Error 524 is a message related to Cloudflare; This error means that Cloudflare has established a connection to the server but has spent a lot of time responding to the server. If you see an A Timeout Occurred 524 error while trying to access a website or a specific feature in an app, you have two special situations. First, you are just a site visitor and second, you are the site owner. We have prepared solutions for each of these two conditions, which you will read more about. Either way, you can fix the A Time Occurred 524 error.

How to fix 524 error in WordPress?
As we said, you experience two different situations in this regard that will help you solve this problem. We will first explain the reasons and announce the solution. Relying on the issues raised, you will surely overcome this problem and go through your usual process.

Refresh the web page. Reset page data to fix 524 error in WordPress. Sometimes some temporary problems can cause problems when loading the page, which can be solved with a simple reboot.

Check your browser, is it using the latest version? Some users have reported that by updating their browser to the latest version, they have been able to solve the problem of server connection.

Depending on the popularity of the website or service, a 524 error in WordPress can also occur due to a sudden influx of visitors. In this case, a lot of pressure is placed on the server resources and as a result, a scheduling error occurs.

Are you a webmaster with a 524 error?
If you own a website and you can make server-side changes, follow the steps below to completely fix 524 error in WordPress.

Disable all WordPress plugins related to your site and then refresh the page. If this fixes the error, reactivate the plugins one by one until the source of the A Timeout Occurred error can be fully identified.

Sometimes the pressure on the server increases due to Didas DDoS attacks and error 524 occurs. In this case, be sure to enable DDoS protection through Cloudflare. This will probably fix your problem. But if your site requests are legitimately increased and a lot of visitors come to your site, the solution is to increase the resources by choosing the right web hosting package.

Take each high-performance process to a scattered subdomain in the so-called gray cloud using the Cloudflare DNS tool. Any HTTP request that does not receive a response from the server for more than 100 seconds (this count is 60 seconds for corporate users) will encounter an A Timeout Occurred 524 error.

Some of the 524 errors are due to external and uncontrollable factors. In this case, contact your host provider and send the error code and URL of the page where the error occurred. They will definitely investigate the issue and fix your problem.

I got Cloudflare captcha, supossing you have “Under attack mode” option as Security level for your website or some kind of a firewall rule to challenge each visitor not from your country.

First time I got some 5xx error, then I got “Retry for live webiste” (offline), then finally got it loaded.

Second try, using VPN with USA IP address, was challenged and loaded ok with some console errors due to AdBlock web browser extension.
Moreover, TTFB seems not good to me, 1.2MB in 22 seconds is a lot.

I see you are using WordPress. Try using a cache plugin like WP Super Cache.
Or at least, use official Cloudflare for WordPress plugin and setup the cache as needed, for better performance. Either you can use new APO for WordPress.

Cloudflare can help you a lot if you are using a WordPress in the overall website performance meaning.

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