Hi Cloudflare Team,

I have created site test but some pages can not loading. Could you help me clear the issue the error come from sever or not? (Maybe it come from SSL or DNS because my local is work fine)
1 Go → and add to cart 1 item.
2/ Next: Go to the page →

Thanks so much.

Update: After research, The website block by anti virut software. When I uninstall it. The error chage to

That hostname is not proxied by Cloudflare, and returning the error below:

Please contact your host, and make sure your site loads over HTTPS.

Hi sdayman,

Sorry because I follow some guide disable proxy to fix the error. Anw, I added proxy by CF. Could you help me check again.

Thanks so much

I think the issue has already been exposed. Your hosting needs to be fixed. Especially the HTTPS issue.

It’s also extremely slow. Please disable proxy and make sure the site loads correctly over HTTPS.

Thanks you. But if I disable proxy, the sever was down beause I register SSL from cloudflare (I just enable port 443 on my hosting)
Could you help me clearly some my curious

  1. If the SSL error, why some page effect. The homepage, category or product work fine.
  2. If I disable proxy → how do I know cloudflare work or not. I try disable and I can’t see any log from my hosting when I access the page (log: /var/log/nginx/access.log)
  3. I saw my website has many CORS error. I try to fix on my hosting but it not working. So, the error have to fix on cloudflare or not?
    Thanks so much and I appreciate your helper

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