Some one hep me to configurate wordpress (woocommerce) not cache

How to configure not to cache the following pages? (

Carrito | Mr. Tie Mens (

Carrito | Mr. Tie Mens

I assume cache rules may work. Here’s the guide:

@neiljay Something like this?

How can I make it automatically cache from time to time and at the same time bypass these urls. I did this and I don’t know if it worked.

After configuring everything, if I need to cache the entire system, will it detect the cache rule?

uri path would be: /account (in your case first example)

Question was:

I’m quite unsure about it coz, you’ve selected the hostname while you want it to be specific on the path.? :thinking:

This is a manual trigger. If you click Purge everything = Does as mentioned

@neiljay How do I manually purge and bypass those URLs? Without having to wait for the frequency

Use custom purge

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