Some of your DNS Records are

No they’re not!

I’m still seeing that line in my dns settings, but everywhere my ip address is specified ARE proxies, so why are Cloudflare still displaying the message?


May I ask if you are seeing below notice or similar?

Some of your DNS only records are exposing IPs that are proxied through Cloudflare. Make sure to proxy all A, AAAA, and CNAME records pointing to proxied records to avoid exposing your origin IP.

I assume this is because Cloudflare figured out you are using the same origin host/server IP address for both web hosting and e-mail service.

In general, no need to worry about it.

More helpful information about this message can be found at the article from below:

Please, keep in mind to have unproxied A mail set to :grey: (DNS-only) DNS record (hostname) and your MX pointed to that unproxied mail hostname to make sure your e-mails continue to work properly while using proxied :orange: for your domain name (and www and other sub-domains, if using).

May I suggest checking below article if your e-mail records (usually the A mail and the MX record) are configured properly while you are using Cloudflare for your domain name:

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