Some of my Images have Cache Status HIT, some of them MISS

We use Cloudflare on our website: When we check the Network tab when loading a webpage, is that some of the images have a Cf-Cache-Status: HIT and some of them a Cf-Cache Status: MISS. For example on the following page:

What could cause this? The thing is that the images on these page do not really change. The Caching Level for the website is set to Standard and the Browser Cache TTL is set to 6 months.

Would be amazing if someone could explain what might be going on here!

After refreshing your page a few times, all images have Cf-Cache-Status: HIT

Then waiting a minute or two, the status was MISS again. And after refreshing again for a few times, I got HIT again.

This indicates that traffic on your site is just too low to keep your images in Cloudflare’s Edge Cache.

You could also look at Tiered Cache: Tiered Cache · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs

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