Some issue with dns records

Yes I am having the same issue but only for my DNS records that are NOT proxied.

Maybe it’s related to this

@brookethorne617 can you share a screen of your dns records? I do not see an A record.

@ismaelyws can you share the domain name? I see a 403 on one of your sites, but not the error that @brookethorne617 mentioned

Yes sure.

My hostname is

I just turned on Proxy for it and it resolves to the Control Panel Dashboard login page.

However, if you try which is not proxied; I get ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

I haven’t made any changes to my DNS since several months ago, I started receiving this issue this morning.

@cloonan I replied above.

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I’ve done a little more investigating on my end.

It works when I use the hostname:

It doesn’t work when I use the IP:

I am also unable to connect via FTP when using the IP and my IMAP isn’t working either.

Somehow I think it’s all related. I could be wrong.

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