Some ips visit my site and make my site very slow

#1,, always vist my website. I seach the ips source and find these come from your cloudflare cdn nodes. These ips make my site very slow.
Is this problem normal?


Are you a Cloudflare customer?
Those proxy IPs should only appear on your logs if your website is protected by Cloudflare.


yes,I buy two pro plan for my sites. and only one of them always be visited by those ips. then the site become very slow. and I block them,then the site is ok. It is very strange.

these ip address come from my Apache server status


Looks like someone / something is crawling your page. Set a higher security level and see if it helps. You could also try the rate limiting feature in the Firewall section


the rate limiting feature in the Firewall section.
Is it my server firewall not your cloudflare Web Application Firewall?


On your cloudflare dashboard. :slight_smile:

I‘d try the sec level first. Set it to „high“ for your entire Domain or just for a part of it via Page Rules. Challenge them.

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