Some ips can't access my site throw cloudflare

DNS failure

user ip : server remotecdn :

I want logs of every ips have any issue too.

Are you restoring original IPs?

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Yes, I am restoring all real IPs.

The problem was that one of my users experienced a timeout error when accessing my site through Cloudflare. Strangely, there were no logs recorded either on Cloudflare or my server for that user. To resolve the situation and ensure the user’s access to my site, I had to disable Cloudflare temporarily and allow the traffic to bypass Cloudflare, allowing direct connection to my server. This way, the user could access the site without any issues.

On the other hand, this user managed to chat with me on my website connected through Cloudflare ( Therefore, I suspect the issue lies with the DNS related to the other website, which is

his IP

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The problem still existed user can’t connect to my site.

please I want to review my cdn account relate to domain

i want to know something now while I enable Cloudflare on

and someone gets error_time_out for example so that error is on cloudflare dns right?

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